Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Homemade Cereal (gluten free)

This homemade cereal recipe is one I made up on the whim and we make it again and again. I usually only make one big batch at the beginning of the month (very doable, right?).

This cereal is not only more nutritious than most (if not all) store bought cereals but it's much more filling. You only need a small bowl, topped with some fruit, to fill you or the kiddos up. Take a look at the nutrition section on the printable recipe down below - this is some amazing cereal!

Approx. cost for a big batch is about $6 to $7. Not bad.

Here's the video showing you how easy it is to make it. Videos showing you how to sprout the buckwheat and pop the sorghum and amaranth are coming soon and will be posted here as well - does it sound like a lot of work? I promise you, it isn't.

And here's the printable recipe:

Copy, paste and print.

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