Friday, January 10, 2014

Easy Yogurt Recipe

If you've never made yogurt before - after trying it the first time, you're going to wonder why you never did it before.

Making yogurt is really quite easy to make and requires a very simple process. We use our home made yogurt in a variety of ways. We:
  • sweeten it with raw honey or liquid stevia and top with fruit or granola
  • use it to make ranch dressing
  • add it to mashed potatoes to make the mashed potatoes creamier
  • add it to soups to make creamy soups
  • use it as a substitute for milk in recipes (mix 1:3 ratio of yogurt to water to create amount of milk recipe is calling for)
  • eat it with our oatmeal for breakfast
  • make a strawberry frozen yogurt ice cream with it
  • add it to popsicles to create a creamier (and probiotic rich) popsicle
  • give it to the kids as a snack when they're hungry
Yogurt is a nutrient rich food that is also a probiotic rich food - helping to keep the digestive system (and therefore the immune system) balanced and healthy. 

Here's my video showing you how easy it is to make yogurt: (printable instructions can be found below)

                                                                                                                                Copy, paste and print:

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