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Bentonite Clay: Earth's Regurgitated Miracle Substance

"There is no other substance on our planet that can do what (Bentonite) clay can do." ~Perry A.

For the last few years I've felt drawn to the bentonite clay powder sitting quietly on my local health food store shelf. Perhaps that pull was due to its naturally occuring magentic charge ...or maybe it was from the Spirit ...or both - but I could never get myself to actually buy some or even educate myself about this substance ... until recently.

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My Conversion to Clay

I knew people used clay in baths - which seemed strange to me. How would one go about taking a clay bath?! I wondered. Sounds far too messy and extreme.

I knew people smeared this stuff all over their body - which also seemed strange to me. How could it help a person in such a way that they'd want to do that?

And what could it possibly be doing anyway?? I'd naively conclude.

But still - there was that pull.

It wasn't until my husbands aunt from Norway sent me a bottle of liquid bentonite clay (to help me with my detoxification process for Lyme disease) that I gave this substance a chance. 

(Does the word "Lyme" really need to be capitalized? ... It doesn't deserve to be.)

Anyhow. I began using the clay which threw me into a Lyme healing crisis.

I did start with heavy doses though (doing the Cancer protocol as outlined in Perry A's book, Living Clay). But even my mother, who began using the clay, had a mini healing crisis and my son, who started using the clay (and is fighting a Candida issue) had a bowel movement where he expelled a significant amount of Candida.

TMI - I know. But I'm just trying to tell you that this stuff works!! There's a myriad of personal stories, testimonies and studies out there speaking positively about this fabulous substance.

So, I've blabbed enough. Now let me share with you the many things I've learned about Bentonite clay through the things I've researched...

What is bentonite clay?

Bentonite clay is volcanic ash rich in trace minerals that retains a considerable amount of energy from the large and powerful magnetic entity of the Earth.1
Is that neat or what? It's a miracle substance that has been regurgitated by our generous Earth! (...and gifted to us by God.)

So... how do these qualities benefit me?

The body has great energy resources and the clay awakens them. It's a powerful, yet gentle, agent of stimulation, transformation, and transmission of energy.2
Bentonite clay contains 4 different healing properties/qualities.3 These are:
  1. Two different types of drawing powers
  2. Alkaline pH level
  3. Trace minerals
  4. Ionic / magnetic charge
Okay, tell me more...

Well, bentonite clay has a drawing power of 32 times its molecular weight.4

You see, calcium bentonite clay comes from the smectite clay family - which happens to be the family of clays that has highest amount of healing capabilities due to its absorptive and adsorptive abilities.

Absorptive and adsorptive?? Never heard of it.

Remember how I mentioned that clay has a drawing power of 32 times its molecular weight? Well its ability to expand allows it to attract foreign substances to it as it fills the spaces between the clays molecule's that are stacked together.

Due to the clays negative charge - it will absorb positively charged ions and impurities and ignore negatively charged nutrients, drawing substances into the clays internal molecular structure - similar to a sponge absorbing water.5

So what's adsorption then?

Well, so not only does the clay absorb negatively charged particles but it adsorbs them too.

Adsorption is when charged particles of other substances combine with the charged particles on the outer surface of the clay molecule.6

(Just keep in mind that adsorption functions like a magnet and absorption functions like a sponge.)

So there goes the clay - making its way through your digestive system. And as it innocently moves along, positively charged ions are attracted to the stronger negatively charged surfaces of the clay molecule and an exchange reaction / swap occurs where the clay mineral ions are swapped for the ions of the positive charged substance.

***(Ions are electrically charged particles. And its important to remember that we are electric!)

What happens then?

Well the clay molecule is electrically satisfied and binds with the substances capturing them. Each negatively charged ion (from the clay) seeks to satisfy its bond by pairing with a substance carrying a positive ionic charge (from our body).7

So what, if it's attracting positively charged ions? Maybe I need those positively charged ions.

On the contrary! It just happens to be that most pathogens and toxins (bad bacteria, yeasts, viruses, molds, fungi, heavy metals, free radicals, chemicals, etc.) are positively charged!

So basically, the clay goes through our digestive system attracting, pulling and locking unwanted pathogens and toxins from our intestinal tract (one of the most important organs in our body) which we then eliminate.

We are constantly being exposed to chemicals, pesticides, pathogens, and all kinds of toxins in today's world that are proven to cause things such as Cancer and all manner of chronic illnesses. There's no getting away from it.

But we are able to assist our bodies in expelling these toxins and pathogens from our system by using clay on a periodic or even daily basis.

I get it now. So what about its other healing properties?

So let's talk about its pH properties. The pH of activated bentonite clay is around 9.7 and is therefore an alkalizing agent for the body, helping the body to balance its pH level and naturally creating balance.8

(BTW the way to "activate" clay is to simply to add water to it.)

Why is that so important?

Chronic disease, bacteria, viruses, all pathogens exist and thrive in an environment that is acidic (and oxygen deplete, etc). If we help to restore our body's environment to where it needs to be - health will flourish.

There are many health gurus out there teaching about the importance of alkalizing one's body in order to improve long-term health, and there are many people who use clay that report a variety of benefits with regular clay consumption.9

Popular books such as Alkalize or Die written by Dr. Theodore A. Baroody teaches about the importance of keeping one's body out of the acidic range and what you can do to achieve this. (This normally consists of eating many alkaline forming foods such as vegetables and staying away from acidic forming foods.)

Well bentonite clay is a fabulous way to fix the acidic conditions in our body. And while it's busy fixing our acidic condition it's also pulling unwanted toxins out of our body and supplying it, to a degree, with super important trace minerals that many of us tend to be deficient in.

Yeah, so tell me about this trace mineral stuff.

Clay contains a generous amount of trace minerals (75 in all) necessary for good health. Keeping a balanced level of minerals in every organ, tissue and cell of the human body may be a prominent key to maintaining a healthy existence.10

Trace minerals are inorganic substances that your body needs in small amounts to function properly. Although you only need to consume a small amount of trace minerals, they are vital to your health because each mineral provides a unique benefit...

From helping to transport oxygen to your muscles, to producing white blood cells, to regulating thyroid hormones, to protecting your body from free radicals, to improving blood sugar control, to metabolizing carbohydrates, to aiding in bone formation, to breaking down amino acids.11

Phew! The list is endless. Trace minerals are important stuff!

Although regular consumption of bentonite clay is a great way to make sure we're supplying our body with these trace minerals we need to remember that only small amounts of its minerals are exchanged in the adsorption ionic exchange layer but they aren't sufficient to meet daily supplement requirements.

So remember to eat your veggies (especially those dark leafy greens) to get all of the important minerals your body needs but consider adding bentonite clay to your daily regimen as a helpmeet to supplying your body with these important elements.12

Okay so if this stuff is so neat why doesn't everybody know about it and use it?

Well bentonite clay has been used in ancient and modern medicine.

The use of medicinal clay goes back to prehistoric times. In fact, the first recorded use of medicinal clay goes back to ancient Mesopotamia!! They would use it for clay baths, external applications and would use it internally as well.13

It's also been used in many dermatologist formulas and is even being studied and used for battlefield wound dressings.

And its interesting to note how animals - both in the wild and domesticated -  seek out and consume different types of earth and clay in particular. Researchers believe the animals do this to help maintain good health.

And, interestingly enough, farmers in Northeast Thailand are now using bentonite clay to reverse soil degradation which has resulted in greater economic returns, with higher yields and higher output prices.

Is there anything else neat about this miracle clay?

Yes! There are some fun things to know about clay such as:

Did you know that clay has been known to be a very effective chelating agent? It has the ability to detoxify poisonous metals such as mercury, arsenic, and lead from our bodies.

Or did you know that it's safe even for pregnant women? Not only does it help to reduce nausea (thank heavens!) but by eating only 500 mg of this substance (that's as much as 2 tylenol pills) per day it can satisfy nearly 80% of a pregnant woman's calcium needs!14

No way!

Yes way! And various remedies were sought to counter the negative effects of weightlessness on the human body / bones by NASA. A number of pharmaceutical companies were asked to develop calcium supplements, but apparantly none of them were as effective as none other than - calcium bentonite clay.Dr. Benjamin Erschoff said, "The calcium in clay is absorbed more effeciently ... clay contains some factor or factors other than calcium which promotes improved calcium utilization and / or bone formation. Little or no benefit was noted when calcium alone was added to the diet."15


Is there anything negative (other than it's negative charge - haha) about this clay?

There are some mild side effects people may experience when ingesting the clay. Usual mild side effects are nausea, slowed down absportion of nutrients from food (with high doses of clay) and constipation.

In order to avoid constipation, just make sure to drink plenty of water while taking the clay. If constipation still exists consider taking a fiber supplement such as psyllium husk or a digestive supplement such as magnesium to maintain regularity.

So how much of this stuff should I take?

Well A) there are different ways to use the clay (baths, liquid form, paste) and B) every body is different.

Due to those two things I recommend you watch my bentonite clay video under the "Medicine Cabinet" category and purchase the book Living Clay, by Perry A. which gives a listing of all kinds of maladies (acid reflux, acne, Candida, Cancer, Psoriasis, eczema, detoxification, etc) and how much to use for each one of those.

Another thing to keep in mind is to make sure you purchase your bentonite clay from a reputable company and reputable source. You want your clay to be as pure as possible. Redmond clay is a good option as are some other options out there. Do your research.

So how do I use it?

Bentonite clay is a fun substance to use. You can either create a liquid clay for baths or for drinking or use it in a paste form.

For baths: use 1-2 cups of clay powder mixed in blender with 4-5 cups of water. Fill tub 1/2 - 3/4 full. Pour clay mixture into tub. Stir with hand. Soak for 20-30 minutes. Do this 1-3 times a week.

For daily detox: Create a pitcher of liquid clay by using one part bentonite clay powder to eight parts water. Blend in blender. Pour into pitcher. Add extra water (if needed) to create the 1:8 ratio. Drink 1-3 ounces, twice a day, preferably on an empty stomach. 

(Get Perry A's Book to see her dosage recommendations for your specific situation.)

For bites, stings, bruises, arthritic areas, sprains, etc.: Create a paste by using one part bentonite clay powder to 3 parts water. Stir until both are mixed together. Apply to injured area, surround with fabric or saran wrap. Leave on for 30 minutes to an hour. Re-apply as desired. 

(This worked fabulously for my daughter's sprained ankle!)

Do you sell the clay?

I don't yet, but you can find a supplier for Redmond Clay by clicking here.

Wow that's a lot of neat information about clay...

Yes it is. So to summarize...

Clay has some pretty neat qualities:

~It draws pathogens and toxins into it and onto it due to its absorptive and adsorptive properties and its negatively ionic charge.

~This ionic charge / magnetic energy is energy that is easily transferred to our bodies which helps keep us (or get us) healthy.

(Try a clay bath and you'll see what I'm talking about!)

~Even though it draws things into it and onto it - it's also a giving substance. Not only does it give us energy by swapping its negatively ionic charge for positively charged ions, the clay gives us small amounts of trace minerals - including minerals such as calcium even though our body doesn't absorb the clay!

~Lastly, through its own naturally occurring alkaline pH level - it helps bring balance to the pH levels in our own body. Which is a pretty big deal.

Clay is something I recommend everyone learn about, learn how to use and what to use it for. I would recommend keeping some in your medicine cabinet, first aid kits, keep it stocked up in your food storage and use it, internally, in small amounts, on a daily basis.
Do you have more questions? Here's a link that answers many questions about bentonite clay. 

Some other great resources are:

 The Clay Cure by Ran Knishinsky
The Healing Power of Clay by Michel Abehsera.

And here's a free book you can view online that tells about the benefits of clay.

Make sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel or like me on Facebook to see all of my upcoming videos.

Best in health!

Let us know - have you ever used bentonite clay? If so, what results, if any, did you experience? 

5. Living Clay by Perry A.

Claudia is a wife, mother, survivor of a chronic illness and follower of Jesus Christ. She has learned about many "treasures" that she is excited to share with you. You can follow Claudia on Facebook and her YouTube channel.

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