Medicine Cabinet

This is where I share with you my most favorite products, remedies and tools that I use when maladies arise.

The Evolution of My Medicine Cabinet

My own medicine cabinet has definitely transformed over the years. The only things I knew about and turned to when maladies were present were medicines such as Tylenol, Ibuprofin, sore throat sprays, cough medicines, Tums, prescription fungal creams, antibiotics, eye drops and more.

Although some of those still have their place, so much of that has changed - and in some fabulous ways! These changes have helped me to feel more empowered, fulfilled and self sufficient in a way I never expected.

The things I share with you about how to upgrade your medicine cabinet I've learned about from:
  • a variety of books and online material I've researched 
  • suggestions and recommendations from some of the best naturopathic doctors in the western U.S
  • doctors patients who have shared the remedies that have worked for them with me
and are products and remedies I've personally had successful experiences with.

There are definitely times when seeing a doctor or getting a prescription medication is necessary - these things have their place.

But I love knowing what to use and what to do for a member of my family when common and treatable illnesses or maladies arise. I love being able to pull those resources from my own cabinet and I love knowing that the resources I'm pulling from my medicine cabinet are building up a person's body (instead of breaking it down), are exposing their organs and cells to good substances (instead of toxins) and will help restore a healthy balance to their body once again.

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Medicine Cabinet Upgrade

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