Thursday, July 18, 2013

Instant Sunburn Relief (& Healing!)

Sunburns are something we all avoid. They can be so uncomfortable - but how nice is it knowing that there are two, very simple, ingredients that instantly bring relief to that nasty red burn by soothing and cooling it through it's anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties and heal it more quickly?

What are those two simple ingredients? They are Lavender and Peppermint essential oils. Simply mix them into water in a spray bottle and voila! you've got yourself an amazing sunburn relief spray. Gotta love it!

Here's a video where I interview a friend of mine - she had an amazing experience (and photos to prove it) using this essential oil blend on a nasty sunburn (as seen in the photo above).

She was thrilled with how this blend sped up the healing process and how it eliminated any pain and discomfort that normally comes with this kind of sunburn.

Written recipes can be found below the video.


If you'd like to buy the doTERRA brand for these oils, click here.

I also recommend Butterfly Express oils which are cheaper than doTERRA's but are amazing as well. Click here to purchase those.

Have fun using this simple, frugal and effective essential oil blend!

Claudia is a wife, mother, survivor of a chronic illness and follower of Jesus Christ. She has learned about many "treasures" that she is excited to share with you. You can follow Claudia on Facebook and her YouTube channel.

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