Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Healthy Chocolate Milk!

In the book The Word of Wisdom: A Modern Interpretation the authors, John and Leah Widstoe, share a handful of interesting studies that support the fact that milk is in fact a nutritious food for growing children and animals.

One of these studies shares an enlightening experiment that  Dr. H.C. Corry Mann did on 500 English boys in a boarding school in London, England. The Widstoe's say,

"The school was well managed, with excellent sleeping and living conditions and the diet was supposed to be adequate in every respect.

For 4 years, under Dr. Mann's direction this group of boys received an extra daily pint of milk and their condition was compared with the other groups in the school. Though the original diet satisfied their appetites yet the extra pint of milk 'caused the most remarkable improvement in health and growth.' 

The boys on the school diet made an average gain of under 4 pounds while the ones with milk had an average annual gain of nearly 7 pounds. More remarkable than the gain in height and weight was the change in personality of the boys who received the extra milk. They became more cooperative, less quarrelsome and their gain in mental development was noteworthy. Countless experiments in our own country have proven similar experiences."

Now, it's important to note a few things here ...

     1) With the typical SAD diet (which already produces overweight children) should we really be giving our children a food that would beef them up all the more?

I say yes. Because at least this food isn't empty of nutrients like most of the other foods many children are growing up eating.

     2) And it's important to note that even the author's of this book say, "...(milk) should be certified clean and unpasteurized, if possible."

In my opinion, with the many year's of researching I've done regarding the consumption of dairy products, I believe there's a black and white difference between pasteurized and non-pasteurized dairy products. Raw should be chosen over pasteurized, when possible and under clean conditions.

     3) Another noteworthy subject is the fact that for one reason or another, many are allergic to milk. I believe that the majority of these people who are sensitive to milk simply need to heal their digestive systems in order to be able to tolerate milk and be able to benefit from the nutrients milk has to offer.

I believe that, unless we have a weakened digestive system / dairy allergies, there really is something healthy and strengthening to milk (and honey) - when found and used in their natural and raw form.

As Dr. Sherman, author of An Introduction to Foods and Nutrition states, "Milk builds bone and muscle better than any other food."

He might just be right. But in order to get the most benefits from it - it's got to be raw.

That being said - here's my video showing you how to make (healthy) chocolate milk. For those of you who can't get your hands on raw milk - yes, this recipe still works using pasteurized milk.

 (Written recipe can be found below.)

                                                                                                                         copy, paste & print recipe:

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