Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Medicine Cabinet Class

Upcoming Local Class!

The content I place on my blog and YouTube channel will grow over time but there are still some of you who would like to come to an actual class.

I’m happy to say that I will be teaching a class alongside a good friend of mine, Jessica Lewis (who also happens to be a health savvy kind of gal), on the 29th of June.

This class will take place in Lehi, Utah @ Marilyn Bazinet's home from 7-9 pm. Please send me a personal message through Facebook or my email {healthyfamilytreasures(at)gmail(dot)com} letting me know you're coming and I will send you Marilyn's address. Cost is $8 per person.

Jessica and I will be teaching about how to upgrade your medicine cabinet and will share with you some of the best remedies, tools and resources we believe every mother/family should know about and use for day-to-day maladies and for possible unforeseen future crisis'.

These resources, remedies and tools are things she and I have learned about during our own individual journey's with chronic illnesses and interests in holistic healing.

Some of the things we'll talk about are:
  • essential oils
  • herbal remedies
  • lipospheric vitamin C
  • colloidal silver
  • iodine
  • nebulizer's
  • food grade hydrogen peroxide
  • elderberry syrup
and so much more!

Fun Little Giveaway!

Lastly, to celebrate the launch of my blog and YouTube channel I’m giving away a 1lb bag of bentonite clay plus a bottle of lemon oil – two of the simplest resources we can use, on a daily basis, to assist our bodies in its detoxification and cleansing processes. (I have a video and blog article about bentonite clay coming soon!)

The way to enter to win this fun little gift is to:
  • 1.       Take a look at my blog.
  • 2.       Like my Facebook page.
  • 3.        Say something nice about my blog and YouTube channel on Facebook, leaving a link to my blog in your message.
  • 4.       Then leave a comment on one of my blog posts letting me know you did those three things. And you’ll be entered for the drawing!
I’ll announce the winner on my Facebook page and my blog on the 28th of June. You’ll receive your prize either at the upcoming class (if you’re going) or I’ll ship it to you.

Sharing these resources with you is something I feel called to do – I sincerely hope that the “treasures” I share with you will bless and benefit your life as they have mine.

I can’t wait to see or hear from you soon!

Best in health,


Claudia is a wife, mother, survivor of a chronic illness and follower of Jesus Christ. She has learned about many "treasures" that she is excited to share with you. You can follow Claudia on Facebook and her YouTube channel.

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